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Pacifica Trading Company are experts in world coins and paper money.

Serious world coin collectors, if you're looking to add to your personal collection, call me!

Legitimate, experienced world numismatic dealers, I want to be your buyer.

Adam Biagi

Owner, Pacifica Trading Co.

About Adam

If you’re in the numismatic industry, you probably know me for acquiring the horde of Malaya British Borneo coins. My love for coins and coin collecting all started when I found my first Mercury Dime in my back yard as a kid. And now, as owner of Pacifica Trading Co., I’m fortunate to be able to travel all over the globe dealing in rare and world coins and paper currency.

If you have any questions about world currency and coins, I’m your man. If you’re having difficulty offloading a legitimate piece, then I want to be your buyer. If you have a serious inquiry, then please contact me.

Don't Bother Contacting if...

I know it sounds harsh. But I can’t work with everybody. I promise I’m not a total jerk. I just don’t like wasting time and money–yours or mine. So, please don’t contact me if:

1. You don't have basic background knowledge

I love sharing what I know about coins and currency. But I don’t love answering tons of questions that can easily be answered by Google or a local coin shop down the street. If you’ve found something old and foreign that you’ve never seen, feel free to ask me about it. Just don’t come to me to ask how much your wheat pennies are worth.

2. You're looking for a free appraisal

If I know about what a piece is worth, I don’t mind telling you. I’ve invested years of my life learning this stuff. And sometimes it takes time and research to assess an accurate value. So, yes, I do charge for appraisals.

3. You're an A-hole

Yeah. I said it. I’m a firm believer in treating people with respect, honesty, and integrity. I expect the same courtesy from those I choose to work with. So, If you’re out to take advantage of anybody, I don’t want to work with you. Not to brag, but I have built a reputation in this industry of knowing my stuff and treating people fairly. Just ask around.

Still here? Great!

Here’s what you can expect from me and Pacifica Trading Co.

You’re probably skeptical of dealers. And rightfully so! But when you deal with me and my company, you can expect a knowledgeable buyer and a fair seller. As a buyer, I’m not going to low-ball you. I will offer a price that’s fair to you but still lets me make a respectable profit. As a seller, I’m not going to gouge you just so I can make a fast buck. That’s not the way to run an honest business.

Here's what to do next...

  • If you would like to buy some of our inventory

  • If you need an appraisal on a piece

  • If you are looking for a buyer for rare or world coins and paper currency